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Отходов шин в студенческие сырой пиролиза машина

Описание продукта

Waste to Oil Energy
  • Instead of landfill or burnng, this is a green technology for waste management
  • Pyrolysis machine - turn waste tire, waste plastic, waste rubber into fuel oil
  • Distillation machine - turn tire oil, plastic oil, rubber oil into gasoline and diesel
  • Distillation machine - turn waste engine oil, black oil, crude oil into gasoline and diesel
  • Waste tire recycling machine, waste tire refining oil plant
  • Waste plastic recycling machine, waste plastic refining oil plant
  • Waste oil recycling machine, waste oil refinery plant
Name Value
Output from waste tire

45%-50% oil,30% carbon black, and 15% tire steel and rest pyrolysis gas

How to process carbon black?

Make carbon black to briquette which has 4000-5000 kilocalroie.

If the quanlity of tire crude oil can not meet your local demand, what can we do? Tire oil can be refined to clean yellow color oil product.
Space needed for one set plant Usually 33 feet wideth and 131 feet length
Labor needed for operation 4 workers
How to process pyrolysis gas from inside reactor? Recycle pyrolysis gas to furnace burning as fuel
Does the plant cause pollution?

After being processed by professional dust removal system, you can see nothing from chimney

Main power needed 20kw
Which counties have you exported? India,Pakastain, Thailand,Malaysia,Italy,Roumania, Hungary, Lebanon, Russia, Thurkey,Ecuador and South Aferica
Can we see the real running machine? In our factory there are different kinds of running machine. Welcome to visit us.
How can you guarantee the after sale service? We will send you our experienced senior engineer for installation and training
Can we pyrolysis mixed plastic and tire at the same time? You'd better seperate tire and plastic for pyrolysis because of different oil quanlity from them.
Flow chart
Product details
  • Unique design of reactor guarantee the service life and safety.
  • No need to crush tires. We can feed whole tires into the reactor. Save manpower and increase efficiency.
  • Electric cabinet help you watch the temperature and easy to control power.
  • Technical condensers and circulating water guarantee the cooling effect and improve oil yield.
  • The residual gas (tail gas) recycle to furnace as fuel. Save energy.
  • Flue gas is processed by dust removal device. Reach the emission standard.
  • Experienced engineers will help you install the machine and train your workers.

Usage of final products

1. Tire crude oil usage( where need the oil as fuel)

A. power plant factory

B. glass factory

C. cement factory

D. ceramic factory

E. aluminum factory

F. boiler factory

G. central heating factory

H. painting factory

2. Carbon black usage

As the waste tire carbon black there are ash inside so this quality is not so good. Until now our technology can use some ways to make the carbon black to briquette, which can be sold as the industry coal.

3. Tire wire steel usage

This can be sold to the steel making factory

4. The waste gas(CH4,C2H6,C3H8,C4H10 and H2)

As these gas can not be cooled under the normal pressure,besides they are all combustible gas, which is dangerous to storage.after it produce we let the gas back to the combustion system to burn as energy. This will safe and save your fuel cost.

Oil yield of different raw material 










Leftovers of paper

Wet 15-20%, dry 60%

House garbage


Plastic cable


Plastic bag


Submarine cable


Rubber cable




Big tires


Small tires



Not suitable


Not suitable


Certification - ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, SGS, BV

Running plants in our factory

  1. Custom-made according to special requirements
  2. Engineer for installation and training
Honesty is our first principle in international trade. Huayin pay more attention to technology improvemnt, environmental protection, security in production and professional service. Looking forward to have further cooperation with you.


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